Well this is a fun topic and another that could spark a deep dive into research!  Before starting to know what the different types of Witches are, let’s clarify what Witchcraft actually is.

Since there is often confusion on this topic, we specify that Witchcraft is not necessarily connected to a single and specific religion or tradition, but is nothing more than the set of knowledge and magical practices that a Witch uses. In fact, in Witchcraft, it is possible to believe in a God or a Goddess, in both, in several Gods, or in nothing and nobody.

Therefore, Witchcraft is mainly a practice.  There are many different types of Witchcraft, obviously many more than those you will read here, whether they come from more ancient practices, or the more modern ones and in continuous growth or change.

The world is full of magic, and Witchcraft is everywhere and is and will always be evolving. Many people think witches and magick are fake, What do you think? Witches really do exist, and we really do practice witchcraft.

Often when people claim that witches don’t exist, they are really claiming that magick doesn’t work, but I know it does because I have experienced the life changing effects of my spells. The craft and witches that I am speaking of is not that of those portrayed in Hollywood movies and such. Witches today are real people who look like you and me.  There are no sparkles, no puffs of smoke, and no demons to speak with.

Witches are among us—and far more of them than you think. Some witches choose to remain “in the broom closet,” as they call it, because they work for the government or with children, live in a conservative community, or are simply afraid that the word “witchcraft” still carries too much baggage.

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Bonnie D’Angelo