Tarot Card Readings

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Interested in a Reading?

Tarot card reading is a form of divination whereby practitioners use tarot cards and or Oracle cards to gain insight into the past, present or future. Sitters formulate a question, then the tarot card reader draw cards interpret them. Come Sit for a Spell!

​What happens during a tarot reading?

Usually, a reading will start the querent (person asking the question) shuffling, cutting, cards while thinking about the question they want to answer.

The tarot reader will then deal out cards in a pattern or layout (known as a spread).  After the cards are turned over, the reader or psychic will find answers for the querent based on the card’s meanings and positions in the spread.

Tarot cards are a tool that provides the reader with a clearer understanding of your future and the journey you are on.

Tarot cards cannot tell you the future. You should not be fearful that a tarot card reading will bind your fate to the results. When will I meet my future husband? When will I get that job promotion? These questions cannot be answered by tarot cards.

So how can tarot cards help you?

The main benefits and purpose of tarot readings are that they provide you with an insight and reflection into the energy surrounding you allowing yourself to take a good look at your current situations. They may also provide predictions of the future based on your current circumstances and situations.  It gives you an opportunity to understand where your current actions are leading you and what correct or incorrect decisions you’ve already made. Know that you always have free will.  If something comes up in a reading that seems to be steering you into rough waters, you now have the ability to look into that issue closely and take the actions to steer the events into the direction you want – the more calm waters.

By booking a reading with our experienced tarot card readers, you’ll be able to understand and put your mind at ease with situations that could be affecting you.

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