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Have you ever thought it would be nice to get away for a week to focus all of your energy on YOU?  A spiritual retreat will give you just that.  From time-to-time SpellBound Mystics will be offering retreats that will include Yoga, meditation or magick along with other great options.  We will be posting them as they come up and we hope that you will attend.


SpellBound Mystics will be putting together some amazing workshops that will give you some in depth knowledge and education on all things spiritual that will include crystal gridding, yoga, candle rituals, the Elements …. The list is endless.  These workshops will be listed on our calendar of events with all the details.  Our hope is that we spread the awareness and knowledge of the topics that we elaborate on to help you on your journey.

​Chakra focused Yoga Series. These Amazing 5 weeks of Yoga and Education will cover the 7 main Chakras.

This Chakra series has been thoughtfully created to target each chakra throughout 5 weeks. You will learn about each chakra, how to balance and tune into your own energy system, and so much more. Each class will include a yoga series focused on a specific chakra and we will include breathwork, mediation, crystals, essential oils, sound healing, and other elements to bring about awareness and education of each Chakra.

We Bring the Magick to You!

Magick can be anywhere and you can find our Mobile Crystal and Spiritual Shop at local Farmers Markets and SWFL Events plus we can come to you and help you take your upcoming party or event to the next level of Magical!

Explore Peace, Healing & Magick!

My goal for this little mobile shop is to bring magick back to life!  Magick is all around us and within us in all that we do and how we live.  If you are able to quiet the mind, listen carefully and be in the ever present moment, you may just catch a little piece of magick within you. We have carefully selected a collection of products that will help you embrace your magical powers and manifest blessings, abundance and anything you desire through magic! Please click on the link below to read and explore more on each product category. Visit our Etsy shop to purchase items from our online store!

Discover Strength, Balance and Direction!

Our services are designed with your spiritual and physical needs in mind. We are dedicated to helping you get on the path to healing, wellness, peace, balance and overall happiness and well being.  Ask about our upcoming classes and join us!

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