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I always say “magick starts with a book.  It’s right there in the pages of the very book that you choose!!”  Receive 2 spiritual/metaphysical books each month for only $19.  We will intuitively select 2 previously charged books to send you each month for your enjoyment.  Never receive the same book twice! Plus you can join our online Magick Book Club Group on Facebook to discuss the latest books and share tips, ideas and information with other club members. Additionally we will occasionally include a special surprise gift just for you! You are in charge of your membership.  Cancel anytime.

Explore Magick every month through Books!

Level Up your magickal knowledge and powers  with books for only $19 per month and you will get the following on a monthly basis:  

  • Receive 2 spiritual/metaphysical books each month in the mail
  • Magick Book Club Group Membership on Facebook with active subscription
  • Free Special Surprise Gifts on occasion
  • Cancel anytime 

We Bring the Magick to You!

Magick can be anywhere and you can find our Mobile Crystal and Spiritual Shop at local Farmers Markets and SWFL Events plus we can come to you and help you take your upcoming party or event to the next level of Magical!

Explore Peace, Healing & Magick!

My goal for this little mobile shop is to bring magick back to life!  Magick is all around us and within us in all that we do and how we live.  If you are able to quiet the mind, listen carefully and be in the ever present moment, you may just catch a little piece of magick within you. We have carefully selected a collection of products that will help you embrace your magical powers and manifest blessings, abundance and anything you desire through magic! Please click on the link below to read and explore more on each product category. Visit our Etsy shop to purchase items from our online store!

Discover Strength, Balance and Direction!

Our services are designed with your spiritual and physical needs in mind. We are dedicated to helping you get on the path to healing, wellness, peace, balance and overall happiness and well being.  Ask about our upcoming classes and join us!

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