The Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo, or the “holy wood”, is used to enhance spiritual practices, dissolve negative energy, and combat unwanted entities. 

There are a variety of ways to use Palo Santo. You can burn it – You can use this method to smudge yourself. This implies running the wood around your aura to cleanse any negative energies and/or emotions. Do this multiple times until you feel calm and at peace. You can also use the smoke of Palo Santo to cleanse a room. Simply wave it around the corners and center of the room a few times. The smoke will do the heavy lifting.

Wear it as jewelry – Wear It For Protection. It may not have the power of a properly energized crystal, but keeping a piece of Palo Santo with you, will definitely have its benefits. There are energies that are repelled by its presence and smell. It’s the same with frankincense, myrrh, or cedarwood. Because these natural elements have a high vibration, they can act as a layer of protection.

There is even an option to use it as an essential oil. The oil extracted from Palo Santo is a more convenient way of taking advantage of its beneficial properties. Apart from its strong fragrance, it has several other uses like using it in an air diffuser and applying the oil to your skin.  It works to help relieve stress, anxiety, it can act as an anti-inflammatory, alleviating nausea, fatigue, and headaches. Use in small amounts as this oil can be quite potent!!

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Bonnie D’Angelo