Spellbound Mystics invites you to our very first Spiritual Retreat!

Join us for Magick in the Making and Spiritual Exploration in Cassadaga, FL at the Ann Stevens House Bed & Breakfast! A little bit of this…. and a little bit of that… are my special sprinkles of magick that will be added to our time together! Spellcasting/ritual, manifestations, yoga, mediation, and maybe a little spirit communication. This retreat is for those who are looking to explore their spiritual and witchy side and possibly make contact with the spirits that linger! Retreat Date is October 6th through the 8th, register below.

Located on the edge of Cassadaga, FL, a world famous Spiritualist community, the Ann Stevens House Bed & Breakfast is an authentically haunted establishment built in 1895 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The property features a total of 10 guestrooms, an onsite tavern, flower gardens, majestic hundred-year-old camphor trees, a koi pond, a butterfly garden, and a Victorian gazebo. The property is bordered by a lush forest which leads to a magical atmosphere.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Ann Stevens House is recognized for both its frame vernacular architecture and its association with Ann Stevens, a remarkable individual who had a significant role in the development of the Cassadaga community. From its earliest beginnings in the 1890s, the Ann Stevens House operated as both a winter residence for Ann Stevens and rooming house. In the 1940s, it served war brides visiting the area due to its proximity to the Deland Naval Air Station. In 1993, the house was restored and operated as a Bed & Breakfast for 16 years, with a carriage house built in 1994 to provide additional guestrooms. The property was later restored and re-opened as a Bed & Breakfast in January 2013. 

We will have the entire home to ourselves to explore, imagine and unwind from the daily hustle of our human lives!  While we are here, we will be immersing ourselves into various rhelms of spirituality, magick, and communication from beyond. 

Retreat Date – TBD
Cost – $666

Why $666 and NOT $665?? Numerology!!  The number 666 has different meanings in numerology, depending on the perspective and source. Some associate it with the devil and something done against God’s will.  Others see it as a universal, nurturing, and guiding energy that relates to the potential of humanity. It is also a number of transformations, creation, and manifestation that can be used for good or bad. Additionally, it is an angel number that signifies a divine message to reconnect to the spiritual source and inner healing abilities. Finally, it can also represent the highest level of personal success and achievement.

Price includes your hotel stay, all activities listed in the itinerary, spiritual bag with goodies and 1 meal. Option to explore Cassadaga  gift shops and other offered services such as readings, healings, etc. during free time. Email info@spellboundmystics.com for more information. 

*Initial payment of $333 must be received by TBD
*Last payment will be due TBD. (option to split the second payment on request)
*no refunds
**Minimum attendees – 8 – if less than 8 people commit by May 31st the event will be canceled with full refund of your deposit.
**No children under 12 will be allowed on property

Activities to look forward to on your retreat:

  • Meditations
  • Manifestation and ritual workings
  • Journaling
  • Spirit communication/ghost hunting
  • Yoga and sound bowls
  • Divination class – Tarot, pendulums, scrying
  • Free time to explore Cassadaga and all of the nooks and crannies of this spiritual camp.
  • Reiki
  • Hiking/meditation/walking tours through the vortexes that occur in Cassadaga!

Reserve Your Spot Now

Please reach out to Bonnie for information on this and other future retreats. Click here to contact Bonnie.

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Bonnie D’Angelo